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Our primary initiative is the National Visible Air Project.

This is a ‘citizen science’ project to establish a national network of air quality sensors in schools.

We want to engage science teachers, students and the community in collecting and analysing important and scientifically credible data about the atmosphere and air quality in schools and surrounding neighbourhoods.

We plan to roll out a national network of sensors to measure temperature and humidity, as well as the concentration of greenhouse gases and pollutants, particularly those having a negative impact on health.

Data  from the network will be used to raise awareness of air quality issues within schools and communities, support educational programmes and scientific research, and inform the community and those in Government who need this information to develop sound, practical and effective environmental management policies.

Sensor & Networks

Any Member school, individual, community group or business will be able to host a sensor. Hosts will be able to view their sensors online, check sensor status, download sensor data, and share selected data with other Hosts.

This page will also contain a map showing the locations of sensors and the type of data being collected.
Selected network data will also be available here.


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World Health Organisation : 7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution

NSW Environment & Heritage : Health Costs of Air Pollution in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region

Sydney Morning Herald : Ministers agree to work towards improving air quality countrywide by 2016

Environmental Health Research Group, King’s College London : The London Air Quality Network

University of California Berkeley : The BEACO2N  greenhouse gas monitoring program.